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Econolase Laser Wire Printer (M100LFG-TT)

Manufacturer: Tri-Star Technologies

The M100L-FG-TT model Econolase is a portable, fully automatic, turnkey marking system that utilizes a UV solid state laser with an integrated high-speed scanner. User friendly software allows unlimited font selection (any TrueType font for any language) as well as full graphics capabilities (pictures, logos, barcodes, etc.) The M100L-FG-TT Econolase supports both vertical and horizontal text orientation.

  • 355 nm solid state UV laser
  • Class 1 for use on open shop floor
  • Processes continuous filament or segmented wires or cables from 26 AWG to 4 AWG
  • Fully compliant with all known Military and Commercial specifications
  • Full graphics capable
  • Prints any alphanumerical information in any font, language, size, also bar codes, logos, etc.
  • Processes already terminated discrete wires and cables (with connector shells installed)
  • Prints on shrink tubing or any other laser-markable substrate
  • Prints in single and multiple lines
  • No limits on minimum or maximum length of wires/cables
  • Portable
  • Small size, light and very robust
  • Ideal for small to medium production runs, on-site harness repairs or installations
  • Upgradeable to M100LFG-TT-A
  • The lowest priced UV laser wire marker in the world!

Requirements & Specifications
  • Electrical Power: 120/220 VAC 1 phase, 4 A 50/60 Hz


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