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Manufacturer: Elixair

SkyScrapers and Seat Track Scrapers

Elixair SkyScrapers and Seat Track Scrapers are approved composite plastic scrapers used as a tool in the removal of cured sealant and adhesives with an ergonomic handle (SkyGrip).

Our fluted SkyScrapers can be re-sharpened multiple times using the SkyMill Revolution portable sharpening machine - making them extremely cost effective.

SkyScrapers have proven to be a cost effective and popular asset in the sealant removal process whilst not damaging the aircraft. They conform to BAC 5000 and also conform in conjunction with Airbus UK among other OEM’s and MRO’s. SkyScrapers do not damage or scribe/scratch substrates or painted surfaces and have been developed with Airbus UK under strict CAA Guidelines CAP 747 (GR No. 10 – page 324). View the “Letter to Owners and Operators No 2524"

SkyScrapers are protected by patents and come in a range of different sizes and varieties, composed of different types of composite plastic in order to accommodate all working environments - including a specifically designed scraper for cleaning seat tracks. SkyScrapers meet the following specifications:- BAC 5000, Airbus C Lab 14935/05/A13, Bombardier BAPS 157 028 - P Spec 603, HP5-10.

The benefits of using SkyScrapers

  • SkyScrapers are easy to use and work in conjunction with the Elixair SkyGrip - an ergonomic interchangeable rubberised grip which is specifically designed to help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries caused by repetitive tool use

  • SkyScrapers can help to reduce foreign object damage/debris (FOD) issues

  • SkyScrapers do not damage, scribe or scratch substrates or painted surfaces

  • Fluted SkyScrapers can be re-sharpened multiple times using the Elixair SkyMill Revolution portable sharpening machine - making them extremely cost effective


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