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SkyMill Revolution

Manufacturer: Elixair

The SkyMill Revolution is a portable, durable, high quality sharpening machine developed in conjunction with OEMs to sharpen fluted Elixair SkyScrapers.

The UL approved SkyMill is designed to enable the operator or engineer to remain by the job in hand without the need to revisit stores for additional tooling. When ordering quote part number: 501/1.

The SkyMill Revolution is a lightweight, hand-held device and comes complete with a safety strap to attach to a belt. It is supplied with a universal charger and can be charged rapidly as required - an inbuilt LED display indicates when and if a charge is needed.

The SkyMill Revolution has been specifically designed for low maintenance and fast emptying, it has been drop tested to account for the daily activities of the shop floor and is designed to withstand the knocks of daily use. A protective reflective slip cover and hard cases are also available for safe transportation to remote outstations.

Each SkyMill comes with an Elixair guarantee and can sharpen fluted Elixair SkyScrapers multiple times, saving time by enabling the user to sharpen the tools at point of use. The SkyMill Revolution is protected by patents.

The SkyMill Revolution was developed in direct response to demand from the aerospace industry. Our first SkyMill was a benchtop product which made it less convenient to use as an engineer would have to stop and move away from what they were working on in order to sharpen a tool.

The new SkyMill Revolution was evaluated at 4 UK Aerospace OEM and MRO sites in a variety of situations (D-Checks/C-Checks).

No other scraper system meets all the customer requirements for Aerospace that SkyMill Revolution does.

The benefits of using a SkyMill

  • The SkyMill Revolution is portable, durable and rechargeable

  • Comes with Elixair guarantee

  • The SkyMill Revolution can re-sharpen fluted Elixair SkyScrapers multiple times

  • Fully tested and designed to withstand the knocks of daily use

  • The SkyMill Revolution saves time by enabling the operator to sharpen fluted Elixair SkyScrapers at 'point of use', rather than interrupting their workflow

  • Hard cases available for safe transportation to remote outstations

  • Designed and tested with leading aerospace companies, in direct response to user requests. When used along with fluted SkyScrapers, SkyGrips and other products from the Elixair SkyFamily the SkyMill Revolution offers an unbeatable sealant removal system


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